The Family Canvas Project
The Family Canvas Project
The Family Canvas Project
The Family Canvas Project
The Family Canvas Project

The Family Canvas Project

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Introducing The Family Canvas.

The Family Canvas Project is the perfect opportunity to create together! This energetic, messy and artistic project will get all family members involved, creating a special artwork to cherish or gift to grandparents or family friends.

Download your step-by-step guide, gather your supplies and get creative. 


  • Introduction to the project, tips for success and brief colour theory lesson.

  • Clear and easy to understand steps to create your canvas. 

  • A detailed supply list of everything you need. 

  • Email or social media support for any questions about your canvas.



  • How long does the project take to complete?

    Due to certain layers needing 12-24 hrs to dry, budget yourself 6-8 days to complete your piece. 

  • What age will enjoy this project? 

    Parents and children of all ages will enjoy this project. No previous art experience is necessary as I’ll guide you through each step with clear instructions.

  • I’ve purchased the course, but am not quite sure what colours to choose - can you help?

    Of course! I’m happy to give support at any stage of your project. Snap me a photo and send it over. I’d be glad to assist with color suggestions if you can’t decide what works best!

  • Is this a messy project? I can’t do mess.

    There are a few steps which you may consider messy. However, I’ve given suggestions to keep things a bit neater for those steps. 


I’m Amanda and I’m an art teacher. My creative experience began at a young age, at home with my Mom. (Who was also an art teacher!). My days were filled with creativity which carried into the school years and into adulthood. I was trained in art education for kiddies from nursery to secondary school. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a studio focus in Painting and Drawing; alongside a Bachelor of Education focused on Art Education. 


Your art course is a pdf, and not a physical product. Upon purchase you will be able to download it immediately, and also will receive an email with a link to your course.