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Sensory play

Here is the simplest sensory set up for when you are cooking dinner and entertaining a baby/toddler/child. 

You know that time of day. When 5 o’clock comes and your child is just not having it. 

I found it was always nice to have a simple activity in the kitchen when I was cooking... This however is also not the time to set up a beautifully curated sensory play bin, forget that. 

You need a quick activity for them in the kitchen, whilst you get busy. My first go to is oats. Plain and simple oats in a bin, with a spoon or a cup. Low mess, taste safe and fun for them. (I also quickly learned that having a bigger clear bin was much better for keeping them contained, but to be honest it’s so easy to clean I didn’t mind a few oats on the floor). 

Additionally, as they get older they may love some animals or cars in the oats, it opens up more imaginative play. 


However, you may feel that the thought of doing this at 5pm is absurd! Perhaps this simple activity may suit your days better with your 10am coffee? Whatever works for you and your little one! 

(My son is 16 months in this photo- we did lots and lots of oat play around this time). 

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