What the heck is aquafaba?

Flisat Sensory play

If you don't know what aquafaba is you're not alone. When I posted this on IG many people messaged me like "what is this?!"

It's the perfect taste-safe foam for sensory play and you most likely have the ingredients for it at home right now. (It's also a common ingredient in vegan cooking). 

You know that can of chickpeas at the back of your cupboard? Well the next time you open it, don't ditch the liquid! 

Drain from the chickpeas and whip it up with a hand mixer (for at least 5 minutes) till it gets stiff. If you have any cream of tartar on hand, add that in too. (Maybe half a teaspoon?)

I also added some food colouring once peaks started to form- color always jazzes things up. 


Once stuff I spooned it into our FLISAT table, along side some sprinkles and baking tools. My little guy loved it, and clean up was easy peasy. Let me know if you try this one at home! 

(P.S. If you have a IKEA FLISAT table at home and are concerned about anything wet hitting the wood, it was fine! I made sure to wipe up any excess as my son played, and wiped it down as soon as he was done. No staining from the food colouring either). 

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