Valentine's Cotton Bud Painting

Art Painting

Day 1 of our Valentine’s process art activities is cotton bud paintings. This is a fast and easy set up, with supplies you will have at home.


•Paper (Use a heavier card or watercolour paper)
Masking tape
Cotton bud/Q-tips
•Paint - either watered down tempera (I love the Scola fluorescents), liquid watercolour or some food colouring mixed with water
•Small jars or lids for the paints
•Sharpie (optional)


I’ve cut our paper into some heart shapes for V-day. You could also cut the paper down to about  8 x 12 cm, and tape these down on your workspace. (When the tape is remove they will have a clean white border)



Let your child dip the cotton bud into the paint, and onto the paper. They may naturally start to dip and dab creating dots, and move onto drawing lines, making shapes or blending colors. 
Some children will stick to repetition of dots or shapes and others will want to mix the colors together- that’s great! Let them explore and discover the materials. 



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