The Family Canvas Activity

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I’ve got something exciting to share with you. 

So you may or may not be aware but in a week we are moving. Once we arrive to our new home, a 14 day quarantine is happening and of course I’ve got a few things planned for our time as a family - besides the bqq, drinking my summer taster case of Rose and playing in the pool. 

I’ve got the most brilliant family process art activity planned. 

The Family Canvas Activity. 

By creating this artwork together we’ll be creating fun memories, trying some new process art techniques and at the end we will have a beautiful piece to hang and remember this time together.

Guess what, YOU will have access to the steps and learn how to create your own family canvas too! 

Shortly after ours is created, I’ll be launching the Family Canvas Activity on my website.  A process art step-by-step of guide to making your own family canvas this summer. 

This will be a great taster for you to see how fun process art can be, if you aren’t quite ready to invest in the full Intro course


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