Playdough Recipe

Digger Flisat Playdough Sensory play

With these simple ingredients you open up a world of play! 

Playing with playdough has some incredible benefits like strengthening those little hands (good prep for writing), and encouraging children’s language. 

If you’ve got 10 min today, whip up a batch of fresh dough for your kiddo and see what they create. 

This is my number one go-to for homemade playdough. It’s soft and supple and keeps for ages in a air-tight container. 

Want the recipe?

Head HERE to download your FREE copy! 

This is also the food colouring I use. The bold colours are perfect for all sorts of sensory play. (Like dyeing rice and pasta). 

Today’s invitation to play uses some loose parts, construction trucks and a few different colours of dough. 

I laid the loose parts out on the table, rolled out a road for my son and let him create from there! 

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