Painted Leaf Wreath

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Have you tried the process art activity of painting leaves?

But what to do with them after you've painted them? 

Here's my suggestion... A painted leaf wreath!



  • Large paper plate. 

  • Leaves (try to paint them the day they are collected so they are soft).

  • Acrylic paint. 

  • Paint brushes.

  • Containers for paint.

  • Raffia or string.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • Scissors. 



1. Lay out the paint and leaves for you and your child to paint. I put out white and yellow paint (and added in some red later). 


2. Paint the leaves however you'd like. I really enjoyed blending the colours as the texture of the leaves was so smooth to paint on. 

3. Let them dry. 

4. Cut out the centre of your paper plate, so you are left with a thick enough border for your leaves. 


5. Once they are dry, glue them around your paper plate. 

6. Take your raffia or string and attach on the back of your plate and hang! 

Tag #popstudio @processofplay on Insta with your creations, I'd love to see them!

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