Our Eco Promise

I believe that everyone has a part to play in reducing the impact to our environment,  through the choices they make. 

This idea forms one of the core principles in my business and is reflected in both my products and my packaging.

I’m trying to create sustainable sensory boxes, with items that are used multiple times. You may have noticed all items in my boxes can be used again and again, but also in a different setting. (For example magnifying glasses taken outside for forest school, or spice bowls and spoons used at dinner time for spices!). I don’t want to send you a box filled with plastic toys, with a one time use. We know enough of that exists already! 

I can’t promise I won’t use plastic at all, as many play animals (like my sea animals or the bugs) are plastic. And though I’d love to use wood toys, I’m conscious of keeping the price of the box affordable. 

However, beyond that I am really focused on making boxes with good materials. If any plastic materials are used in my boxes, none are single use plastics. I’m also constantly looking for new materials to use that aren’t plastic based, so for example felt balls instead of pompoms or wooden offcuts. 


-Materials are packed in brown paper bags and boxes that can be re-used or recycled. 

-Sometimes your parcel is packed with paper or tissue that has been previously used in other shipments I’ve received  (It’s clean!)

-We do use bubble wrap for breakable items, and it can be recycled at household recycling centres or at grocery stores along side plastic shopping bags. You can also reuse bubble wrap for your own packaging or making some art! 

-If bubble mailers are used, they can be separated into paper and plastic and recycled.

-An ink stamp is with the Process of Play logo instead of stickers

-We will move to using kraft tape when our clear plastic tape has been used up. 

-Sensory bases like rice or couscous has a extremely long shelf life when used in a sensory box. 

-Play Rice and Play Boxes come with our linen bags.  Materials can be stored in the linen bags, which can be re-used for years. Play Rice is shipped in the bag, skipping any single use plastic packaging. 

-All tools and figurines can be used an endless amount of times, both in play and everyday use. 

-The clear plastic box your sensory Play Box comes in can be used for storage of both sensory materials and storage around the house. 

We have the Eco Box option that is available to all purchases (save 10%), no need to buy a plastic box for sensory play if you have a table, tray or box at home already. Or buy a wooden tray from us! 

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