Oil Pastel Painting


Want to try some process art, but don't fancy paint? Give oil pastels a try!

Oil pastels are rich and buttery and create bright colors. Make sure to wash little ones hands and protect the area they are working in, as oil pastels are oil based. 


-Oil pastels: Bic Kids Pastels or Staedtler Pastels 


-Paint brush

-Oil (Vegetable oil or something similar)


Not much prep needed for this activity! If you want to stick to the Valentine’s theme grab some colors like pinks and blues. Pour a small amount of oil into a ramekin, and get creating! 


Let your child explore the new materials by drawing or creating some shapes on their paper. My son is loving ovals these days, so that’s what he wanted to draw. Remember, we are working on process art, so try to stay away from asking them to draw anything specific. Just let them explore. Suggest layering some colors on top of each other, drawing softly or pressing a bit harder. 

Then, show them how to add a little bit of oil to their drawing with the brush. The oil will start to blend the oil pastel colors, almost like paint. 

These are really lovely displayed in a window, as the oil makes the paper slightly translucent. 


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