Mini Masterclass - Fizzy Painting

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Every Monday on my Instagram I'll be taking you through a process art Mini Masterclass. 

Today's Mini Masterclass is - Fizzy Painting!

This art and STEM activity will get your child investigating the materials, talking about the reaction, mixing ingredients and creating some awesome art! 

Let's get to it!


-Ramekins or containers

-Paper (Watercolour or thicker card will work best here)

-Vinegar (Preferably white, but other vinegars may work too!)

-Eye dropper

-Bicarbonate of soda/Baking soda

-Food colouring




(I know these images look a little blurry, but I thought they captured the process as I explained it really well! Please let me know in the comments of the blog if you like the look of this or not!) 










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  • Carrie on

    This looks such a fun activity to do with younger children !

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