Ice Cream Collage

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Here's a simple and fun art invitation!

                           The finished product


1. It's FAST to set up.

2. It's NOT too messy. 

3. It will create conversation between you and your child. 


                   "Would you like a blueberry in your ice cream?".

I didn't plan for this to be a "ice cream" collage initially, but as my son started to create, his imagination took him to an ice cream parlour, asking for toppings and chocolate sauce! It was so fun!

If your child doesn't immediately take to this project, maybe ask them "How can we create an ice cream sundae with all the toppings?" and see how the discussion evolves. 

If you don't have the exact materials I've used here, have a look around the house for something similar that may work! 

                           The layout of materials. 


  • Cardboard cut into circles. (Ours measures 15.5 cm across)

  • White glue.

  • Ramekin (for the glue).

  • Paintbrush (for the glue).

  • Googly eyes.

  • Foam stickers.

  • Beads.

  • Pompoms.

  • Kraft paper (ripped and balled up).



1. Lay out the materials for your child, let them touch and explore the different parts you have laid out for them. 

2. Your child may start adding glue and the loose parts to a cardboard circle. Maybe they want to squeeze the glue bottle on the circle, or perhaps let them squeeze the glue into the ramekin and use the paintbrush to apply. No rules here, but perhaps keeping the glue out of their mouth. Just use simple instructions "The glue stays on the cardboard". 

3. If your child does not start to create on their own, help them to spread the glue on the circle and ask which "toppings" they want to add to their sundae. Take turns with one of you being the customer, and the other working at the shop!

Tag #popstudio in your creations on Insta, I'd love to see them. 

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