Halloween Art & Play - Part 2

Halloween is right around the corner, so here's a few of our favourite art activities for you and your little ones! (Check out part 1 for a few more ideas!). 

1. Skeleton collage. This activity didn't take long, but the prep was minimal and my son enjoyed it! (Win win!)

  • Take your bones from the "bone assembly" activity (check out our first Halloween blog here.)
  • I let my sons imagination run wild with this one, letting him attach the bones how he'd like. 
  • I talked about 'Funny Bones' and we looked at a few pictures as he worked on his collage. 
  • If you wanted to spend a bit more time on this, add some paint or perhaps more skeletons! 



2. Pumpkin collage. If your kiddo loves collage here's another fun idea. I originally saw this project on the IG account 'Three Busy Boys'.

  • If your child is older they will be able to cut out their own shapes and glue them down. 
  • I cut up the shapes needed for our pumpkins and created alongside him. 
  • We used orange and green glue, which added to the experience. 
  • He created his version of the pumpkin collage, which I love. 



3. Tape resist pumpkin. This activity has the process art aspect I love, but with an end result that's toddler approved! 

  • Tape up your pumpkin shape on cardboard. 
  • Time to paint! I gave my son green, orange and black tempera paints. 
  • Take off the tape once your paint is dry. 
  • I then mixed orange paint with white glue and glitter. I asked my son then to paint the pumpkin. 
  • We then added the eyes, nose and mouth.


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