Halloween Art & Play - Part 1

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Halloween is right around the corner, so here's a few of our favourite art activities and play setups for you and your little ones!

1. Pumpkin decorating! This is an easy option for your toddler so they can get involved in the fun.

  • Start by attaching the googly eyes to your pumpkin (hot glue works best).
  • Next it's time to paint! I gave my son a limited colour pallet - something seasonal like black, red, green and orange. 
  • After he painted he added some glitter!

2. Playdough Smash Pumpkins. We started by making little pumpkins out of playdough, but we decided that making "smash" pumpkins was more fun! 

  • Grab your orange playdough, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and black beans. 
  • Roll the dough into a ball, and then flatten it with the palm of your hand. (Toddlers will love this part!)
  • Add your loose parts to create your pumpkin faces! 
  • After that we played around the texture using pinecones and conkers, and started making pumpkin stacks. Lots of options with playdough and a selection of loose parts! 


3. Ghoul Feed. Babies and toddlers love posting activities, and here's the perfect one for those fine motor skills. 

You can draw anything on the box, I went with some ghost/ghouls (not my best artwork!). My son fed the chickpeas to the ghouls one. by. one. Success!

4. Bone assembly. This was super fun and it's two activities in one. Check back in a few days to see what we did next with our bones. 

  • I found a "skeleton colouring page" (thanks google) printed it off, and cut the pieces out. You could create the bones out of cardboard if you wanted to work in a bigger scale, or clay if you wanted to make them a bit more detailed. 
  • I mixed the bones up in our black bean mix, and provided a bit of reference with this adorable Halloween card my son got from his godmother. 
  • We worked from the top to the bottom, looking at the shapes and put the skeleton together. 
  • I did guide him a little bit, but it was fun to watch him figure out which bone goes where! 


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