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Is it ok to encourage drawing in a more figurative way, or is it better to let my child explore?

As children’s art develops, they move through developmental stages going from those huge gestural drawings, to patterns, to more figurative works. 

I believe it’s best to let the child move through these different stages naturally, rather than pressing them to draw something like a firetruck or their favourite stuffed animal. (However, if they show interest and ask to draw something more figurative- support this!).

As soon as we ask a child to draw something figurative, it puts a pressure on them to make it correct, and to look like that item. 

Process Art and exploring the materials is the more natural way to let your child progress from lines and mark making, to something that is more figurative. It lets them explore the materials, which is exactly what the need in the early years of art making. 

At around aged 5 your child is starting to focus more on shapes and designs, repetition, pattern and color. Not until aged 6 will they naturally start to create figurative work. 

So what do you say to your child when they are making art, so you don’t put the pressure on them? (Ie. What are you drawing?). 

I’ll save that for another post :) 

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