Digger Tuff Tray

Digger Oobleck Sensory play Tuff Tray

Small world sensory play inspires your child to be more creative, imaginative and gives them the tools to play independently. When you set these up in an aesthetically pleasing way, you set your child up for success. 

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may have noticed that elaborate setups are not my thing. I enjoy simple, effective sensory setups that are relatively easy to prepare and clean up. (Like- the Play Boxes! Chuck it all back in the box when you are done- voila!). 

However I wanted to create a little digger tuff tray scene for my son, who is vehicle obsessed like many 2.5 year old boys. I set this up outside on a glorious August afternoon, feeling comfortable with the mess that will occur as the hose will be nearby. 

Trucks and diggers, sand, rocks, a few little bricks were all I needed to get started. I then created some chocolate oobleck (recipe below) and later added some water. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he played with this for hours. In a toddler world, that’s a long time. 

It’s also interesting that oobleck hasn’t always been my son’s favourite but he loved it in this activity. I think pushing the “mud” around with the trucks, and getting them stuck in the mud really created the construction scene in his mind. 

Eventually after much play, we were left with a big muddy puddle of sand, water and chocolate oobleck. Both myself and my husband were requested to jump in the puddle for a bit, before I eventually got the hose to clean it all up! Easy. 

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