Create a Cardboard Easel!

Art Painting

It's handy to have an easel at home, but they can be big and a pain to store. 

Follow the steps below to create a tabletop easel for art! It's free, quick to make and folds flat for storage. 

Head to the comments, and tell me what materials you'll set up alongside your easel. (We went with simple watercolours, our favourite from IKEA). 

My little artist got stuck in with this simple art invitation!


  • Box (mine measures 48 x 35 cm)

  • Scizzors

  • Velcro or Command Strips

  • Masking tape 

Step 1

  • Cut your box along one of the natural creases so that it opens right up. 

  • Now, cut off all of the side flaps. 


Step 2

  • You will have four panels from your cardboard box. Cut off one of the panels so you now have three panels.

Pointing out one of the creases, these will help to create your easel shape. 

Step 3

  • Play with folding along the natural creases to create a triangle. This will be the shape of your easel. Decide which side will work best to paint on. 


Step 4

  • Once you've made your triangle, you'll need to attach it together. Create a 3 cm fold on the overlapping end. Attach two squares of velcro to the top and bottom, this will secure your triangle shape, but allow you to dismantle it easily for storage. 

I used a Command Strip for this step. They are brilliant for hanging pics as well! 


Step 5

  • Tape your easel to the tabletop for added security. 



Step 6

  • Tape your paper to the easel, add some art materials and let your little one create! 

  • If you'd like to see a video of this process, head to my Instagram @processofplay and head to the reels to see the easel creation in action! 



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