Bonfire Night Colouring Page


Remember Remember the 5th of November.

Bonfire night is in a couple of days! Lets create some fun artwork to get your children excited about the fireworks.

This activity can work for all ages. Younger children will love colouring in the bold shapes, whilst older children may want to choose the colours of the fireworks, or add to your illustration.


  • Black marker.

  • White roll of paper.

  • Coloured markers.

  • Firework pics to reference. (I think this was the first time I've ever drawn fireworks. I jumped on google, searched for "firework illustrations" and used those as a reference.


Ignore the ruler, I was going to use it for my key, then changed my mind!


1. On your white paper, draw some large black and white images of fireworks. Make sure the shapes are large enough for little ones to colour inside. 


2. Once you are done, create a key on the side of your page with a number corresponding to a colour. 


3. Label the inside of each shape with a number. Before we started I explained to my son what the key meant. 

4. Let your child search the image for the numbers colour in the fireworks! 


Have a fun Bonfire Night friends! Tag #popstudio @processofplay on Instagram to share your firework pictures. 

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