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Welcome to the Process of Play 

Process of Play was created to share the art activities and sensory play I was doing both at home with my son, and in my toddler sensory groups. Ready to take Process of Play to the next step, I started to plan process art classes for toddlers.

My name is Amanda and I am the creator of Process of Play. I am an Art Educator with experience teaching art at all levels, in both a traditional classroom and gallery setting. We live in the UK and our son is the lead tester for all Play Boxes and Art activities.  

What is process art you ask? 

Process art is all about the act of making, and creating- rather than the final result. 

With much of my classroom experience based in a secondary art classroom, I’ve seen the importance of the process in art creation. Now many years later as a stay at home Mom, I’m seeing this connection of “process” in both open-ended play, sensory activities, and art with my toddler son. It’s not about the end result at all- its the experimenting, sorting, stacking, mixing, smashing, pouring…you get the idea. 

 Play is also a process, and I truly believe that play is one of the most important things for our children. 


However, in the spring of 2020 Covid changed many aspects of our life, including the process art workshop and toddler groups I was running. They were cancelled. Now what? Enter the Play Boxes. 

What are Play Boxes?

Play Boxes are sensory play boxes, with a new theme released each month. These Play Boxes include the materials you need for sensory play at home, with an activity card to guide you and your child through play. The box comes in a clear box container for play and storage. 

I wanted to provide Moms with the sensory play experiences I offered at my groups. Engaging themes, all materials provided, hopefully no stress and the ability to have a coffee and a break!

Boxes are designed for children 3 years and up- however all boxes contain small parts and parent supervision is always required. You know your child best, and what they can handle during play. 

What’s next?

Art Kits! The first art kit “The Beading Kit” was released at the end of July, and our next kit will be released in November in preparation for Christmas. 

Join Process of Play on Instagram for more creative activities, processed based art and sensory play. Thanks for being here. 


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